Satyanarayani Devi Shiksha Niketan

Foundrers Vision

Shri R. N. Tiwari, the founder of the school believes that the aim of education is to enable students to understand the world around.  According to him education should also develop the hidden talent in kids so that they can become fulfilled individuals as well as active and compassionate citizens.

The current education system in the society does not cater to the needs of current young generation. It does not have the potential to resolve the challenges of 21st century. Schools need to develop skills which are necessary for 21st century. These competencies include critical thinking, collaboration, communication skills creativity and social behavior.  Considering above, our vision and mission is as follows:


To build student centric value based learning environment enabling the students to acquire the education as a tool to be used in real life.


•Adopting new and innovative teaching methods with continuous feedback based improvement

•Encourage the teachers to build a personal bonding with the students

•Referring the high quality texts to ensue the best possible inputs for the students

•Explaining more real life examples during academic program